Mike SOS and DJ Darko on DIY Radio This Sunday @ 8pm!!!!
Jan, 8, 2010 Mike SOS and DJ Darko on DIY Radio This Sunday @ 8pm!!!!

Hey Everybody�.

With this being my first mass communication for the year, I'd like to wish y'all a Happy New Decade. Hope 2010 has been good thus far�

This Sunday@ 8pm marks the return of Mike SOS to the airwaves via Sirius Satellite Radio's DIY RADIO program on the FACTION channel (Sirius 28/ XM 52). Joining Mr. SOS in his quest to rock your face off is another rabid music fan, the incomparable DJ Darko (aka Claire Mangan, my sister). Join us as we take you down a rock `n roll journey from our humble 6th Avenue beginnings to the Serious Business studios and beyond. And if you don't have SIRIUS, you can go to WWW.SIRIUS.COM and sign up for a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL right swiss replica watches on their website. Nifty, eh? HERE'S THE DETAILS:

SUNDAY JANUARY 10 @ 8pm Mike SOS and DJ Darko on DIY Radio Sirius Satellite Radio Faction Sirius 28/ XM 52

We hope you can rock out with us this Sunday! Stay tuned for some forthcoming SOS and Seizure Crypt announcements�.


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