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Here's a nice cross-section of both the good and the bad things folkshave been writing about our latest disc, ADULT SITUATIONS...(hope you got your reading eyes in Audemars Piguet Replica Watches!) as well as the results from awesome people who have given us airplay! SOS - "Adult Situations" by Dr. Abner Mality Ah, SOS again graces my CD player! The last record from these NYC veterans, "A Guide To Better Living", was a bit too eclectic for its own good and wasn't helped much by an indifferent production. Well, while I can't say the guys are ready to storm the charts and start their own custom fashion line yet,
"Adult Situations" is a big improvement over its predecessor and is better sounding and more focused as a whole. Stylistically,swiss replica watches this is hard rock verging on heavy metal with a strong punkish vibe at times. Yeah, it's still hard to pin SOS down, but this time the tracks are beefier and thicker. The vocals are pretty much a bellowing shout. The frantic "Do You Want To Go Bowling?" kinda reminds me of East Coast goofcore legends Six and Violence with its combination of speed and silliness while cuts such as "Daddy Like" and the jamming "Half Mast" have a vaguely boogie like feel that brought to mind the oh-so-neglected PB Army. With "The Bane of Joe Smolinsky", there's some whacked and almost psychedelic lead guitar giving the song a peculiar flavor. Elsewhere, I can't say "Hypoxyphilia" and "The Thing Is..." did much for me...pretty average hard rock straddling the classic/modern line. The album does end energetically with the one-two punch of "Life of Love and Peace and Harmony" and "Separation To Survive", the latter ending with a variation on the famous "na-na-na, hey hey hey goodbye" refrain. As you can tell by the song titles, SOS don't take things too seriously and its best if you approach it the same way. Not earth-shattering by any means, but fun and enjoyable to listen to. SOS � Adult Situations 316 Productions If you have to commend SOS for one thing, it's their persistence. Having been together for almost a decade-and-a-half now, the New Yorker's fifth release Adult Situations isn't likely to suddenly catapult the band to superstardom. Dealing in a rather generic brand of alternative rock that you've heard all before, think Alice in Chains covering Helmet, SOS are certainly not a band intent on reinventing the wheel. Opening track 'Walk Of Shame' doesn't exactly get your expectations up with its no frills riffs and standard angst-ridden lyrics. It would be great to report that thereafter Adult Situations picks up, but no, the remaining 11 tracks are equally predictable and unmemorable. Adult Situations is pretty much as unremarkable as records get, but don't expect that to perturb SOS as they continue to chug on regardless. Yawn. Rating: 2/5 by Dan Jones

From: SOS - Adult Situations Written by: PP on 27/3-09 at 12:31:53 The funny thing about New York City is that while it's the largest city in all of America, its music scene today seldom produces the same kind of vibrant, varying bands as a town like Gainesville in Florida or the whole of Southern California. You have the older bands like Madball, Sick Of It All, H2O and so on, but I'm hard pressed to think of any successful up-and-coming rock/metal bands originating from the city in the past five years or so. Maybe the metropolis has become too big for artistic ambition to flourish, who knows. Anyway, to the point: SOS, hailing from New York, have been attempting to change that pattern for the last decade or so, releasing albums regularly to the extent that they are now on their fifth full length, "Adult Situations". But I can't say these guys are anywhere near of being the 'next big thing' from New York. They play a brand of garage rock n roll where it's easy to hear influences of a wide range of different genres; there's bits and pieces from Sick Of It All, Alice In Chains,and Queens Of The Stone Age among others. Their vocals sound like those you often hear in stoner rock while the instruments lean more on the garage & rock n roll, occasionally throwing in a pinch of hardcore. But dominating my feelings of the album as a whole is that there's a transparent attempt of forcing a dangerous rock n roll vibe through groovy guitar lines and rowdy vocals, but none of it seems authentic enough to matter. The whole sound is artificial--dare I say amateurish--and it's difficult to believe "Adult Situations" to be their fifth album already. Usually bands at this point in their career are at least able to display some degree of convincingness, regardless of genre, but not here. The choruses sound forced, the groovy riffs aren't really that interesting after the initial listens, and many of the verse vocals appear annoying. I can't say I could sing better myself, but this vocalist really isn't cut out for the role he's in, as he fails to churn out memorable vocal harmonies song after song. There isn't much else to say about SOS. If you like rock n roll, you might wanna check these guys out, but I doubt that they'll become a part of your regular rotation considering the vast amount of much better bands out there.
Five albums down the line and the sound still doesn't 'click' with the listener? I have a hard time seeing it ever will, based on this record alone. [4] SOS brings a New York hardcore metal sound and adds a bit of stoner rock and alternative metal. This isn't the band's first release, but it is the first I've ever heard and it's a decent release and the whole album has straight-forward gritty, dirty punch to it. The sound isn't really similar to any so called "modern" acts. The album could've easily been released in the late 80s/early 90s alternative & hardcore metal scene. This normally isn't my type of music, but there are a few bright spots here and SOS is definitely a band loaded with potential. SOS - Adult Situations (Self-released) Review by Metal Mark New York's SOS had me thinking back to the late 80's and early 90's. They have some of the NY hardcore sound of that time. Plus they have mixed in metal and even a few bursts of the kind of light funk that worked it's way into some heavy music, say twenty years ago. The biggest difference might just be that SOS benefit from better production that most underground bands lacked two decades go. The two things I really like about this band is their direct approach and the blending of styles. They know to get to the point when needed and the best songs are short and sweet. Around the midpoint of the album they lost me a little. They slowed down and settle in for some very average tunes that lack hooks and energy. They rebound from it, but never really get back to the fire that they showed on the first say five songs of the disc. That's too bad because I think this easily could have been a better disc. Granted they follow a very basic formula at best, but they handle it well. Then the band unfortunately seem to have felt the need to add some filler. They fight back enough towards the end to finish above average. They hit some intense moments and they can be tight when they want to, but there simply needed to be more of that type of approach.[tt_news]=4400&tx_ttnews[ba\ ckPid]=310&cHash=8f165866ce SOS - adult situations These guys from NYC are around since 1995. Is it a wonder I or we never heard of them in 14 years, or is it justified? The 12 tracks on this selfreleased record are some kind of heavy music, but do not expect NYHC. This is a diverse record, including many styles of hard and not too heavy, resulting in something not too easy to describe. Hard rocking and quite complex often, with influences from punk over the 70ies to modern alternative, a lot is happening on here. While some songs are a bit noisy and bulky, others are just straight rockers. A melodic voice leads through the tracks and does a good job, through diversity from typical hard rock singing to a more angry mood. The record has a lot of depth, and throughout 12 tracks, it was almost too much to discover. It took 3 runs to understand and follow the tracks. Well, you see, this is difficult, but at least we tried� SOS - Adult Situations (7/10) - USA - 2009 SOS represent an interesting enigma from New York. Mixing a sort of upbeat, groovy Thrash Metal with Punk elements to create a sound that sounds right out of the late 80's or early 90's, and its definitely not surprising to hear that they're from New York. Lyrically the album deals with "adult situations", with references to drug culture, and alcoholism, and fun stuff like that. The vocals are rather Hetfield-esque, with a similar gnarly delivery and overall range. In fact some parts of songs, especially in the first half, reminded me of mid 90's METALLICA with their grooviness, though overall the two bands have little in common musically. SOS are at their best when they reach out and test the melodic waters. A song like "Do You Want To Go Bowling...?" is seemingly just a bunch of tough punk riffs thrown together which really just comes off as bland, where in comparison, the following song "Daddy Like" makes a run with a cool driving melodic section that is just a lot more interesting. The band are at their best when they manage to combine elements, such as the song "Hypoxyphilia", which combines softer elements, melody, and down right heavy moments. Overall the album isn't bad, but with some songs standing out much more than others, and some being down right exhausting, its tough to get through a full listen front to back.

CJSF top 30 for the week ending Mar 02 2009 swiss replica watches 01 *Various---emergency room vol 1---Nominal Records 02 D.O.A.---human bomb b/w crossfire---Sudden Death 03 Gruesomes---gruesoomania---Ricochet Sound 04 Circlesquare---songs about dancing and drugs---Studio K7 Records 05 Subhumans---death was too kind---Alternative Tentacles 06 Bicycles, The---oh no, it's love---Fuzzy Logic Records 07 Shore Birds---d.o.a./tinctures are 90% alcohol/people I live with +1---No Idea 08 White Lung---magazines/therapy/backhouse---Deranged 09 C.C.S.S.---punkcore/punkwhore$/please go away/one lie +1---P. Trash Records 10 Cheer-Accident---fear draws misfortune---Cuneiform 11 Slate Pacific, The---safe passage---Sonic Unyon 12 Banjo Consorsium, The---a remixed one---9.12 Records 13 Animal Collective---Meriwether Post Pavilion---Domino Recordings Co. Ltd. 14 Evan Symons---death and other subjects---Step and a Half Multimedia 15 SOS---adult situations---Indy 16 A.C. Newman---get guilty---Last Gang Records 17 No Shit Shirleys, The---nutrify---Indy 18 Light This City---storm chaser---Prosthetic 19 Jiles Band---chasing demons---Indy 20 *Various---African reggae---Putumayo 21 Indus Guys---outstanding in their fields---Indy 22 Thor---keep the dogs away---Scratch 23 Lorrie Matheson---in vein---Saved By Radio 24 Portico---first neighbors---Copperspine Records 25 T�---beyond that, if your soul agrees with your five senses�---Zankyo Record 26 Beirut---march of the zapotec/realpeople Holland---Pompeii Records 27 Aids Wolf---cities of glass---Skin Graft 28 Souljazz Orchestra, The---manifesto---Do Right Music 29 WAU y Los ARRRGHS!!!---viven!!!---Munster 30 Wow & Flutter---Golden touch---Indy SOS Adult Situations This release already fits in well in the Corazine review gallery, but it is always nice to view different interpretations and opinions. The New York City based hard rock band SOS wants to display its newest, fifth production. The artisan manufactured, made from scratch noises with a healthy dose of ambitious self-reliance offers a genuine yet ambiguous underground music album. The music on Adult Situations, captured in twelve streamlined tracks, fishes in the mainstream pond and tries to be attractive for a broad audience. SOS wants to be attractive and doesn't accept a low profile, with its melodious and heavy rock sound. The first tones of the disc are proof of the very determined, opinionated crossover music style. The first song "Walk Of Shame" is a tour de force of hard rock strategies. The vocals remind of Metallica's Hetfield, singing some speed metal parts. The instrument's fussiness definitely is appealing and enjoyable! The fast pace steers the the songs and create a more hardcore atmosphere. Some tracks flash a classic metal scent or just have that excellent aggressive flavor (e.g. track number three "Do You Want To Go Bowling...?"). Magnificent. Yet, sometimes I have the feeling that the SOS sound could benefit from a more bluntly, guzzling, bonesetter aura. You can simply taste the terrific chaotic appearance, gloss painted with a certain thrashy or heavy metal flush, in the last track on Adult Situations "Separation To Survive". Powerful and daring. This crossover music disc has varied offer and guarantees a unique and genuine SOS style. Be aware of this musical carpet of bombs, but above all... try it! By Hamirubi

from: Band/album: SOS, Adult Situations Label: self-released For fans of: Stigma, Samhain, Poisoned Black, Beowulf, Sick Of It All, CD review: SOS sounds like they'd be on an iScream records compilation. There's no mistaking them for anything but an NYC band, however, they have a very interesting touch of horrorpunk in their sound. I don't know how they did it, but they managed to mix tuff guy hardcore with horrorpunk without the zombies, martians, or gore. Lyrically, SOS is pretty down to Earth with a working class vibe. Sonically, the band uses moderately fast tempos with hardcore instrumentation to get the point across. Staying clear of breakdowns was a smart move on their part as it keeps them from sounding generic and antiquated. I had the pleasure of reviewing A Guide To Better Living and it's nice to see that these New York boys are back with another musical offering. These guys like to fucking rock and that's exactly what they do with this latest offering. It's in your face rock and roll with a lot of style and finesse. The songs have a groove to them and the production is tight and clean. There is a nice variety of styles and it just kicks your ass which is what New Yorkers are best at. Definitely recommended.

from: SOS - Adult Situations Self-financed file under Punk / Hardcore Cor: Some fabulous bass work is introducing an average, staccato, driving first song of this album with a curious title. This first song indicates the direction of the whole CD quite well; instrumentally (in particular the bass) some nice pieces of work can be found. It contains lots of creative breaks, hooks and shifting tempo, tightly performed, and a production which can be called alright. Also lots of diversion is available, as the band describes on their website, they are influenced by a wide range of different bands. This can vary from Soundgarden and Alice In Chains to Misfits (`Wasteland Temptress'), and from Queens Of The Stone Age to (very a very bad imitation of) Therapy? (`The Thing Is..'). Still not one song seems to be able make the click, often this is due to the vocals/vocal lines, and arrangements that are not catchy enough to make a difference. Examples are the seventies/stoner influenced, musically brilliant `Hypoxyphilia', which is ruined by the dull vocal lines, and the heavy funky `The Bane Of Joe Smolinsky' which could have been great when it was performed by a band like Extreme. This certainly is not a bad record, but it just has not got that special thing. Rating: 60/100 (details) SOS � ADULT SITUATIONS In the sea of tacky and useless CD covers many bands demonstrate they have no idea what they should use as artwork. Silly logos sit on top of stock pictures or drawings with little relevance or significance. A boring cover is either indicative of boring music or a band that just has forgotten to put the final changes on its album or demo. SOS is one of those bands that has no inspiration for its cover. The difference is that instead of picking a silly little diagram or figure for its cover the SOS boys have done something elegant. The band and demo name are plastered in white over a black background. That is called simplicity. SOS has been around, the band's biography insists, and is something of a veteran band. The music is indeed mature and professional. The sound is as tight as the band's delivery. For some reason � probably the vocalist's attitude � SOS reminds one of Danzig or Misfits. The bravado and the attitude give the hard rock/punk stylings a boost, but other names come to mind too. Circus of Power's wild chords, hardcore's abandons (and later drift into pop) are audible on Adult Situations. The band is from New York after all, you know? The experiments or variations of the vocalist, in contrast, are detrimental to the flow and power of these songs. Enthusiasts of genres like hard rock, grunge and hardcore have a little bit of their likes in Adult Situations. Is the band good enough to make it? Maybe, maybe not. After all, most signed or famous bands are inferior to SOS and its twelve songs here. Read more by visiting or � Ali "The Metallian" SOS - Adult Situations 316 Productions * * * 1/2 Combining a fist-pumping style of Rock with some of the speed and techniques of Punk, SOS's newest album Adult Situations is an album for fans of both worlds! Personally, I think the overall sound on Adult Situations leans a bit too far on the Punk side, but the combination of that Punk edge and the groovy style of Rock presented in the 12-tracks on this album sounds pretty good for the most part. Tracks I would recommend are "Wasteland Temptress" (Track 5), "Hypoxyphilia" (Track 6), "Frames" (Track 7), and "Life of Love and Peace and Harmony" (Track 11). My favorite track from the whole album is probably "Wasteland Temptress" because it starts off in a typical Punk style, but eventually drops into a Rock groove that is similar to the style of bands such as Corrosion of Conformity and Fireball Ministry. It just has a good Stoner metal feel to it. "Hypoxyphilia" is another track that sort of strays from the Punk style for the most part and really showcases Adam Mastrosimone's bass playing and shows a more melodic side of SOS's song writing. Overall, I think Adult Situations is a good album that outlines a "controlled chaos" type of feel that can be enjoyed by Rock fans and Punk fans alike. SOS Adult Situations 316 Productions New York's SOS has been cranking out their groove laden, DIY combo of rock, punk, metal and hardcore since 1995, and Adult Situations is the latest slab of power to come from the foursome. The punchy sounding "Walk Of Shame" kicks things off with a funky bass beat, then is joined by a nice hook laden guitar riff and the almost spoken vocals - don't worry, the singing comes in later for the chorus and is quite catchy. "Fear & Ferocity" showcases the band a bit better, in my opinion. It is a faster paced track with a bit of a pop-punk feel to it, and has some superbly catchy parts that just force you to tap your foot, bang your head, and pump your fist. "Frames" has more of a straight ahead rock feel to it, with thundering guitar licks, melodic vocal lines, and some pretty good wah-wah guitar work in it - this one could possibly be a radio hit if radio didn't suck now. SOS gives us a good collection of catchy, punky rock n' roll. The sound has a total DIY feel to it, which in my mind is a good thing - too much polish on music like this would water down the fun vibe that comes along with it. Slap this disc on at your next pool party (or snow shoveling party as it would have to be here right now), crack open the brews, and enjoy the rock that will flow from the speakers. B- -Goz New York's SOS had me thinking back to the late 80's and early 90's. They have some of the NY hardcore sound of that time. Plus they have mixed in metal and even a few bursst of the kind of light funk that worked it's way into some heavy music say twenty years ago. The biggest difference might just be that SOS benefit from better production that most underground bands lacked two decades go. The two things I really like about this band is their direct approach and the blending of styles. They know to get to the point when needed and the best songs are short and sweet. Around the midpoint of the album they lost me a little. They slowed down and settle in for some very average tunes that lack hooks and energy. They rebound from it, but never really get back to the fire that they showed on the first say five songs of the disc. That's too bad because I think this easily could have been a better disc. Granted they follow a very basic formula at best, but they handle it well. Then the band unfortunately seem to have felt the need to add some filler.They fight back enough towards the end to finish above average. They hit some intense moments and they can be tight when they want to, but there simply needed to be more of that type of approach. SOS If I didn't know better, I'd think that SOS were put on this earth for the sole reason of pissing me off. The band is nearly impossible to track down, their website is grossly out of date, and that's not even the proper cover artwork. Which is to say nothing of the record itself. Does the world really need another mediocre stoner/metal band in the Metallica/QOTSA/Soundgarden vein? I know I sure as hell don't. I listened to all twelve songs twice through and can't remember hearing any of them. I did rather like the title of the sixth song, Hypoxyphilia, but only because it reminded me of other things I could be doing. Hell, forget the orgasm-just knock me unconscious and put me out of my misery. Back across the pond as we land on another planet. New York City and all areas beyond. Always fun, always an adventure, and always home to quality tunes. The first band that we're checking out is called SOS. These guys have this interesting blend of sleazy barroom blues with more than a fair share of hardcore punk. One minute I think I hear the strains of AC/DC, and then I suddenly hear the tormented howl of Henry Rollins over an Excel grooved metal riff. These guys flat out rock it! Their album Adult Situations is well worth more than a casual listen. It's a highly addictive all out rocker that shows some unique takes on an otherwise beaten down genre. Don't make me tell you twice. Check `em out and show `em some love. SOS - Adult Situations It's been already two years since the New York based hard rockers SOS released their last album A Guide To Better Living which was full of sweat drenched, blue collar rock songs but failed to keep your attention throughout its bloated one hour running time. The new and fifth CD Adult Situations not only remedies that situation, but sees a band which not only has been around for nearly fifteen year, but who also surpasses itself with an unexpected dynamic offering. The twelve songs on the new record run for only a short three quarters of an hour, distilling all the band's energy into what matters most: compact, driving, steaming songs that smell of dirt and grease. SOS play rock music at its most basic, the way it was perfected during the Seventies. The recording sounds straight forward, always pushing ahead of itself. The songs, most of which run between two and four minutes, are most often quite fast paced, but leave especially in the longer tracks room for groovier moments and some slowed down but all the more grating parts. With a vocalist who unleashes his vocals with painfully felt anguish, a guitar section full of crunching riffs and a pounding pass player, the band now only needs to switch their session drummers with a steady member to complete their setup. I don't happen every day to stumble across hard rock bands that manage so authentically to convey a gritty street flair. Not unlike Mot�rhead, Wildhearts and Queens Of The Stone Age, New York three piece SOS deliver primitive but very effective rock songs whose timelessness defies all current trends and thus revels in a sincerity most rock bands can only aspire to. SOS/Adult Situations (Self Released) 12 tunes of metal and hardcore. The band also mix in a little rock n roll to their sound. The tunes are down and dirty and I really like them. The band don't seem fake and they belt out the tunes with feeling, power and passion. The tunes have a bit of melody and I love the old school production they used as it makes the tunes just that much better. The band have their roots in NYHC, but the band add some melody to that sound and make it their own. I love the singer has he sings the songs with such feeling it can't be matched by many. A very solid release of metalcore with melody.\ 6 SOS - Adult Situations It seems that more and more bands are coming back to the roots, opting for some strong and powerful blend of Hard Rock and Rock 'n' Roll, expurgating all the clich�s that have somewhat been fatal to the genre. SOS belong to that new wave of heavy bands and their second album reminds me a lot of Danko Jones (not his bad last album) for its straight-to-the-point musical approach. Vocally, another influence is very obvious, namely former Black Flag hero Henry Rollins. This ads a slight (mature) Punk touch, which ain't big surprise from a band located in New-York, where everything started in the late 70's. No doubt those guys would have loved to present this new release in the sadly closed CBGB's. "Adult Situations" isn't the new Metal tsunami of 2009, but fans of aforementioned bands will dig it and I'm pretty much convinced SOS have a huge potential ! 81/100 Reviewed by Steph PTC

PLAYLIST CISM 89.3 FM MONTREAL CANADA FEBRUARY 4TH, 2009 22h00 the awakener kataklysm the temple of knowledge 22h05 le massacre des baguettes dark century days of the mosh 22h08 histoire de peine carbonized 16 year old victim �ponyme 22h09 crimes of the holy hellacaust inevitable dementia 22h16 smiling politely cancer bats hail destroyer 22h20 end of the road arisde and ruin the final dawn 22h26 the pride of creation edguy tinnitus sanctus 22h31 gossamer tombs winter hours 22h37 after lifeless years sylosis conclusion of an age 22h42 on a promise of a total beating narcosis discography 1998-2007-best served cold 22h45 fear & ferocity SOS adult situations 22h50 orbital elements obscura cosmogenesis 23h00 set the speed dixie witch smoke & mirrors 23h06 clouds enslaved vertabrae 23h12 your true enemy nachtmystium assassins: black meddle pt.1 23h16 evil oath 1349 liberation 23h20 descending winters swallow the sun ghosts of loss 23h29 embrace of the endless ocean amon amarth twilight of the thunder god 23h36 hearts of darkness cavalera conspiracy inflikted 23h41 severed heads open minds from a second story window conversations 23h46 babylon rockets gemini five babylon rockets

From: Corazine SOS, obviously, has a policy of pure and simple: rock-and-fuckin'-roll. Which isn't to say you can't start finding bits and pieces of subgenres in here. Some of the underground muscle has punk written on it while the occasional groove might call to mind a whiff of stoner rock. Of course, the potency has some jolts of metal. But mostly these guys just rock. They're a little raw, which goes just fine with the indie-ethic, in-your-face rock attitude. But there's a polish to it, as well. The production is clean and the grooves are tight. The songwriting shows off some dynamics - style shifts, change-ups, songs that don't blur one into the other, versatility under the umbrella of the SOS sound. This is good knuckles-in-a-fist rock with piston-punching power to back it up.

from peacedogman SOS - "Adult Situations", 2009 (Self-released) Bring on the hooks and claws. "Adult Situations" shows SOS in good form as a neurotic, urgent riff rock band hybridizing "Load"-era METALLICA material with Alternative Tentacles type of hardcore uneasiness and alternative metal in the vein of THOUGHT INDUSTRY. There are swaths of foot-tapping riffs, the vocalist is convincing and this kind of short songs that go straight to the point are intuitively likeable. SOS are without question talented upbeat indie hard rockers, but as so many others of their ilk, seem to lack a definite direction and a sense of purpose. I find songs such as "The Bane of Joe Smolinsky" very much entertaining, but not quite evocative of moods or thoughts, so the problem ends up being remembering to get back to them after one listen. If they would grow more fangs, claws and hooks it would be very good. With more of the provocative added to the angry and more of the inspiring added to the enjoyable, this band could turn deliver a gem. But for now it's the kind of band to see play at a club, think it was alright but forget about it soon after because what sticks to mind is that the style was a hodgepodge of influences one only likes some of. - Devamitra

Emetalspace SOS - Adult Situations Nirvana meets punk with a less then impressive result. It's not bad per se, but by the second track it was notably grating on me. And keep in mind, I like my punky stuff every once and a while. Heck I was even excited to review it, because I hadn't had anything like it yet...But I was disappointed. Odd thing is, I can't really pick out individual flaws, just over all, it simply didn't do anything for me. The instrumentation was good enough, and the vocals weren't terrible either. Maybe it just isn't my thing. Despite my close proximity with Seattle, grungy Nirvana is not my thing to be sure. Still, it is something new to me. I've never heard the two paired, and for those who do like grunge, as well as punk you may very well have a winning ticket with SOS. But, sadly, it's just not for me. - :| Echidna

From Gears Of Rock Review: SOS - Adult Situations [2008] Posted in SOS with tags New York Hardcore on April 16, 2009 by gearsofrock If you hunger for a raw platter of pure Hard Rock and Groove Metal from the heart, then get yourself a copy of the latest SOS record ADULT SITUATIONS. This Queens act's sound pays homage to the royalty that shaped their culture�basking in the shades of Suicidal Tendencies, Anthrax, Biohazard, and Faith No More. The 12 tracks presented on this disc are obnoxious ("Walk of Shame") and intense ("Fear & Frocity"), just what one would expect from the shadow of the early 90s NY Hardcore Punk scene. There are catchy drum intros ("Frames"), appropriate usage of the wah ("Hypoxyphilia"), and vocals fueled with aggression ("Daddy Like"). Clearly, SOS does not make music for the lame Modern Rock masses, but for themselves, for their sanity, and the garage bands everywhere that gather together to make heavy music -Meds B

"Space In Your Face" on CKMS - 100.3 FM Also, "Feel The Rage" on CJIQ-FM: The Condor! PLAYLIST - January 23, 2009

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From Teeth of the Divine SOS Adult Situations (3:16 Productions) SOS has all the signs that they're a band that entered the metal scene too late. I want to like Adult Situations, but most of the songs on here sound a little too generic and old hat, like they could've been taken from could've been taken from Queens of the Stone Age b-sides. Further ostracizing them is the occasional grungy/groovy lick they'll throw in circa `93.I think they described themselves as "groove merchants of New York" or some preposterous shit like that on the promo sheet that came with the discount wedding dresses album, and while they've got some groove about them, I can't help but feel they've hijacked the songs from bands that wrote these songs over 15 years ago. I can't press that enough; one minute I'm thinking, "hey, that's some Smashing Pumpkins riff they've got going there." The next minute I'm assuming residuals are due to Soundgarden. But truth be told, I'm not about to go doing my homework to find out if some of these riffs have been taken from existing works, because no matter what way you slice this, SOS sounds old. Not Sons of the Pioneers old, but�well, when did Independent Worm Saloon by the Butthole Surfers come out again? Maybe I'm being a little too harsh on these guys. After all, some of these songs are pretty catchy. "Hypoxyphilia" is particularly tasty in that "I could've given `Greedy Fly' by Bush a run for its money" kinda way. See? I can't escape this idea that these guys are alone creating music for a world that gave up on this style a long time ago. "Half Mast" is pretty gritty, like Helmet meets Stone Temple Pilots. Even at its heaviest, Adult Situations still sounds like late-era grunge, remnants of a tired genre that should've been laid to rest eons ago, and that doesn't cut it for me. What's worse is that as utterly boring as this album is, it's light years beyond the last of theirs I heard, 2001's Adios Bandito. Still, I can't see myself pulling this album out without first considering (and ultimately choosing) a Clutch record, as they're among the few hard rock bands around that don't make me consider choking myself to death. Just you watch, SOS will take the nation by storm in the months to come and I'll be eating my boots Charlie-Chaplin-Gold-Rush style. by Kris Yancey SOS: Adult Situations They call themselves New York City's heavy melodic groove merchants. While this might be true for the first 3:14 minutes of the album called "Walk Of Shame" the band displays a dynamic blending of metal with an almost funky backdrop that warrants their chosen title of groove merchants. The effect is definitely more appealing than it sounds. The cool thing about these guys though, is they do not try to overdo this approach. From there they take you on an excursion through a multi genre gallop that has one common feature, metal! At times they seem to be throwing everything at you but the kitchen sink. Sometimes adopting a punkish attitude such as on the frantic "Wasteland Temptress" and at other times taking a much more melodic stance such as with the tune "Hypoxyphilia". They even get a bit grungy with the down and dirty sound of "The Bane Of Joe Smolinsky".
SOS shows a very diversified plan of attack and pull it off with a disc that manages to stay heavy while at the same time changing the ebb and flow of the music with a unique style that keeps things interesting throughout the disc. I was drawn to the way they could create a harshness to their music on such works as "Half Mast" and "The Thing Is�" but also reserve the right to take you down a more melodic path when they choose to. This being their fifth release, the growth in the band is very evident. While I had never heard of them before this, listening to their other offerings show that this is a band that has learned from its past and are finally finding themselves. It may not be the album of the year, but there is certainly enough very good material on here to make it a very worthwhile purchase. Reviewer: Scott Ward Written by Marcia Well, this is just not my kind of muisc. I'm sorry. NYC based SOS play a mix of genres like hard rock, straight up rock'n'roll and alternative rock with a pinch of hardcore and punk. I don't know. I'll be nice and say the sound like something in between Kyuss, Alice in Chains and a hint of Punk and hardcore (but not as good as e.g. those two bands). It misses the edge a band like this should have. And it is just way too boring. Simpel as that. Those riffs have been used a thousand times, the hooks as well and they try too hard to sound dangerous and dirty, that they simply fail. We all know that the real mean bands never try to sound fierce, they are fierce. Naaah, next one please SOS: Adult Situations. SOS is kind of like NYC hardcore punk and rock. Nothing too special in my opinion. 12 tracks, each one not really sound much different from the last. I imagine they keep the crowd moving in the bars. MetalBite Review by JD on 4/1/2009 Being not much of a Punk fan (except for the classics like The Ramones and Black Flag), I saw this album and was honestly not looking forward to reviewing it. I thought to myself that my boss at might have had a brain fart or something when sending it to me (sorry Tomasz!)... Listening to S.O.S. - "Adult Situations", I finally understood that he was not crazy at all... and he knew exactly why he sent it.
Rule one: never question the boss!! S.O.S. really came across as old school Punk that had a serious crossover feel to it. I heard some metal influences like Sacred Reich and the some Tank, but there was also Danzig in there (both Misfits and solo era), Corrosion Of Conformity and even a odd feel there was a feeling of Grunge (Soundgarden to be more clear) and a strange melding of 80's radio rock. It was very surprising the mix of so much... but so damned good. Song like the over-the-top hilarity of 'Do You Want To Go Bowling...' made me howl while the hiccup inducing 'The Thing Is..' had me rolling on the floor and unable to get up. It is true that S.O.S. are not metal in any form, that aside, I just have to say this New York City based Punk bomb plainly are just so damned fun nonetheless... they are a light hearted punk-a-rific extravaganza. Punks will enjoy this 12 song romp I am assured of, but as attested to in my written musings earlier... I am more than sure that metalheads will love this album as well. It is not even close to being technically pretty and has no serious musical explosions thundering out of it... but as just plain fun, it os one that we all need when the world gets just a little too serious to handle. Musicianship: 7 Atmosphere: 9 Production: 7 Originality: 8 Overall: 8 Rating: 7.8 out of 10 - 7k (from Italian) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adult Situations � un disco che in un ipotetico blind test riuscirebbe a fregare anche il pi� acuto dei musicofili: ci vuole infatti una bella dose di immaginazione nel pensare che � un prodotto del 2008 e non di quindici anni fa. Adult Situations is a record that in a hypothetical blind test able to rub the most acute of musicofili: in fact it takes a good dose of imagination in thinking that is a product of 2008 and fifteen years ago. I newyorkesi SOS si sono infatti formati nell'ormai lontano 1995, ma nonostante il lungo periodo di attivit�, che li ha visti pubblicare ben quattro album prima di questo, hanno sempre gravitato nei meandri sotterranei della grande mela senza mai farsi notare al di fuori dei confini cittadini, continuando persino ad auto-prodursi i dischi, come succede del resto anche con quest'ultima fatica. The New York SOS you are trained nell'ormai far in 1995, but despite the long period of activity, that he had seen them published four albums before this, they always gravitate to the underground maze of big apple never get noticed outside the city limits, even continuing to self-produced albums, like the rest with this effort. A quanto pare anche la proposta musicale dei cinque non sembra essersi spostata di un millimetro dal rock chitarristico tipico degli anni '90, una commistione di hard rock al gusto di flanella quadrettata che flirta timidamente con metal e hardcore, fregandosene bellamente di parole quali originalit� ed innovazione. It seems even the musical proposal of the five does not seem to have shifted by one millimeter from the typical guitar rock of the 90s, a mix of hard rock-flavored SQUARED flannel that flirts shyly with metal and hardcore, frigates beautifully for words such as originality and innovation. Che poi i dodici brani che compongono Adult Situations si gustano anche con piacere e cominciano a sprigionare un discreto fascino solo dopo qualche ascolto ripetuto, indispensabile per scacciare la sensazione di dej�-vu nella testa di chi negli anni '90 si � nutrito di grunge e indie rock. Then the twelve songs that make you enjoy Adult Situations with pleasure and began to unleash a discreet charm after a few repeated listens, which is essential to dispel the feeling of d�j�-vu in the minds of those who in the 90s it was grunge and fed to indie rock. Probabilmente � anche grazie all'esperienza acquisita negli anni che le melodie riescono ad insinuarsi sottopelle e in un paio di casi a rimanere ben tatuate sui neuroni: "Do You Want To Go Bowling�?" sfoggia un ritornello di tutto rispetto, supportato da robuste chitarre figlie dei Soundgarden, o lo stacco di "Wasteland Temptress" in cui il cantante Adam Mastrosimone sembra fare il verso a quella di Tod A dei mai troppo lodati Cop Shoot Cop (ma in atri frangenti sembra scimmiottare James Hetfield), mentre essenze di Foo Fighters e White Zombie si fanno sentire qua e l�, distribuite per i dodici brani che compongono l'album. It is probably also a result of experience over the years that the melodies manage to creep under the skin and in a few cases remain well tattooed on neurons: "Do You Want To Go Bowling ...?" Sports a chorus of respectable, supported by robust guitars of Soundgarden daughters, or the detachment of "Wasteland Temptress" in which singer Adam Mastrosimone seems to do with that of the Tod A never too praised Cop Shoot Cop (but in other breakers seems to ape James Hetfield), while essences Foo Fighters and White Zombie are felt here and there, distributed to the twelve tracks that make up the album. Purtroppo � inevitabile constatare come nella seconda parte del disco � dalla sdolcinata e loffia "Hypoxyphilia" in poi � la qualit� della proposta musicale si abbassi leggermente, in un susseguirsi di suoni, con la sola eccezione della furiosa "Half Mast", che denotano una inesorabile carenza di personalit�. Unfortunately, it is seen as inevitable in the second part of the disc - a sweet-voiced and Loffa "Hypoxyphilia" onwards - the quality of the music is slightly lower, in a succession of sounds, with the exception of the furious "Half Mast", which show a inexorable lack of personality. Se fosse stato un ep formato dalle sole prime cinque tracce, Adult Situations si sarebbe meritato quattro stellette, ma cos� com'� non arriva oltre le tre. If it had been formed by the sun ep first five tracks, Adult Situations would Stelletta four earned, but as it stands does not come beyond the three. A cura di: Valerio Spisani [ [1] ] By: Valerio Spisani [valerio.spisani @ [1]]

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