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Mar, 2, 2009 available on our Myspace page and via email subscription...aww hell, i'll post it here too

hey folks hope you have the good fortune of enjoying THE winter storm of 2009......

We've got news, new reviews, and NEW MUSIC for y'all, so let's get crackin'....

First up: Check out our myspace page ('ve added TWO NEW SONGS (Fear and Ferocity and Life of Love and Peace and Harmony) from the new disc ADULT SITUATIONS for your listening pleasure! and if you still want more, our good friends @ Rough Edge have added SOS to their most recent podcast (Volume IV of Rough Edge Radio). Big ups to R. Scott and the crew for a job well's the info on how to take a listen:

Volume IV of Rough Edge Radio: The Podcast is now available for your downloading and headbanging pleasure. First up we've got the metal thrash of SKULL HAMMER out of Framingham, Mass (http://www. myspace. com/skullhammertheband). Next there's the indescrible mix of rock metal and hardcore with SOS out of New York (http://www. myspace. com/sosnyc) and we close the show with PROJECT 7, out of Commack, New York, whose new album, "Paradigm Shift" was chosen as "best recorded album by a local artist for 2008" by Good Times Magazine.

You can listen and/or download Rough Edge Radio: The Podcast right now by visiting http://roughpod. podOmatic. com or http://www. roughedgepodcast. com.

And, as always, we're looking for the next group of hard rock, heavy metal and punk rock artists to be included in future podcasts. Want your music to be featured in an upcoming podcast? Simply send an e-mail to (or drop us a note here on MySpace swiss replica watches) giving us your permission to feature the music, and which songs you'd like us to play. We typically need two or three songs per band per show. Hey, it's free publicity and the podcast will be promoted and available for download all over the world!

We're ready to begin now but we need YOUR music. Interested artists, please contact us right away!

So what are you waiting for? Download the all new Volume IV now! And you can still download Volumes I - III as well. Or better yet, subscribe! For more information, check out http://roughpod. podOmatic. com or http://www. roughedgepodcast. com.

and as promised, here's some more feedback we've received from our new disc ADULT SITUATIONS.

from Jersey Beat

SOS � Adult Situations( ) SOS offer up their fifth release, featuring heavy, energetic, melodic rock�n� roll music. It�s not quite punk or even post-punk, but it certainly isn�t your average �alternative� commercial radio friendly stuff, either. Instead, it�s pure,in-your-face, hard and heavy music. There have many notable �heavy� bands over the years, most notably the Melvins and Steel Pole Bathtub. But where much of the heavy music of the past has ended toward the slow, grinding sort of stuff, SOS mix in speed and energy with the heaviness. SOS also tosses some angular lines into the mix, with the result hinting at a bit of NOMEANSNO influence. The one drawback is that the album is a little too long. Too much of this style can get a little grating. But in smaller doses, this is great stuff.Put it into your iPod and set it to shuffle and you�re set to go! � Paul Silver



Adult Situations


Street: 02.17

SOS = Jesus Lizard + The Melvins + UrgeOverkill

SOS has been around since 1995 and it shows, in a good way. These guys make some tough, hard-hitting music.It�s like an old-school muscle car that�s being ghost-driven intoa brick wall. While the vocals sometime sound like James Hetfield from Metallica, it�s easy to tolerate because the songs are so hardcore. You have to respect bands that are bit older because they put attention to details that are vastly overlooked with most bands of today. The main thing about these guys is you can tell that they concentrated on the tones and EQs of the instruments. This is something that most poser-ass douche bands of today rarely concentrate on. Keep it up, SOS, I would answer your distress call any goddamn day of the week. -Jon Robertson

From (translated from French) S.O.S " adult situations" Cd(Own-produced) When I put it in the turntable and that I heard the first notes, I said myself " and shit, still a chiant" rock group;. Then by letting it unroll, I was astonished to appreciate certain passages. It is not easy to describe; they are of New York and make a little heavy rock'n'roll and rather mid-tempo. The passages more shitting make think of NIRVANA or old groups of heavymetal of the Seventies (that could be worse), but the majority of the songs recalls me much excel it group of post-Hardcore of thebeginning of the year 90 HEADFIRST, or of the slow and heavy punk-Hcgroups of the Eighties like FANG even BLACK FLAG. I (Y.B.)

from Review: SOS - Adult Situations (2009?) 9 February, 2009 (23:56) | Reviews,hard rock, hardcore, heavy metal best replica watches Straight up, good time hard rock with a touch of hardcore is the order of the day for NYC based SOS, whose call to arms is the very sound they usher in to clubs everywhere�a return to a wholesome yesteryear filled to the brim with bare bones rock without all the mainstream fluff that has plagued the airwaves for far too long. What SOS sets out to do is clear,concise and quite effective. Track after track contains a bit of Kyuss, Sick of It All and Soundgarden. For the most part, Adult Situations brings power, rawness, and perhaps above all else�attitude. For the few tracks like �Hypoxphilia,� which just sounds a bit amateurish, there are always twice as many better than average tracks to get your blood pumping. For someone coming into this band looking for modern metal, turn around, because you won�t find it here. This is the music that fits in best in either CBGB�s or an early 90�s Seattle rock club. It�s nice to hear a band that doesn�t have to overdo their songs with technicality or modern rock power chords that seem to meander into nothingness. SOS are in the business of delivering a heavy dose straight to the vein,this is no topical ointment that will show results in 6-8 days or your money back. Adult Situations should be more popular than it inevitably will be, but any band who sends a promo package to me with a book of matches with their logo emblazoned on it is bound to either be a stalwart force in the underground, or maybe find a Guns N Roses opening and take the mainstream by storm. Either way, Iwill look forward to future releases from SOS, and in the meantime rely on Adult Situations to deliver.

Review by CODY

from: SOS - ADULT SITUATIONS (12 track CD) Self Released SOS is a band that has been kicking around the underground music scene for many years now. I remember hearing them back when I first started my label & zine. They play a gritty form of Rock music that smashes head on into Punk &Metal. They have a bit of a late 70's & early 80's vibe happening that reminds me of many of the great bands from that time.The singer reminds me of Henry Rollins a little from his BLACK FLAG days. This is one for all those old schoolers. If you were to blendtogether elements of the RAMONES, MOTORHEAD, MINOR THREAT, C.O.C.,BLACK FLAG, DANZIG & NASHVILLE PUSSY you'd get a hint at what they sound like!

and there's many more to follow, so be sure and check your email for future SOS updates.

That's all we have for today folks...stay warm, don't overdo it shoveling, and thanks for the consistent support two wheel self-balancing electric scooter


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