Oct, 16, 2007 writing to you from the secret confines of the Serious Business compound, here's the latest scoop on what's good in the SOS 'hood... SHOWS Thanks to Brett, they will happen. Here's the lowdown Friday Oct 26th The End Zone 149-44 14th Ave Whitestone NY 11pm FREE SHOW !!!!!!!!! W/ Dead By Choice No, the End Zone did not burn down...only the top floors were damaged, which means that the show is a go. And yes, it is a Halloween party, so come equipped please. It is an SOS-DBC joint venture after all. More louboutin schoenen details to follow. Sunday November 4th The NYC Marathon 44th and Crescent LIC NY 11am FREE SHOW!!!! u-boat replica watches THE FUNNEST (I KNOW THAT'S NOT A WORD) SHOW of the YEAR. A show so great that we can describe it with a made-up word. Like turkey on Thanksgiving and getting hammered on St. Paddy's, SOS graces the NYC Marathon with a traditional performance in the original spot allocated for Queens. We hope you can make it down for this one. ALBUM No we still don't have an official title for it Adam is currently singing his ass off as I type this and it sounds sweet as Travis twiddles the knobs ever so gently. So far what we got pretty much rocks. We will be sharing it with you soon. That's all I can tell you now. MYSPACE Myspace is a cool device.www.replica-watch.net We can communicate with y'all a lot easier. So, look for some cool content on the ol' myspacester soon, like photos, live versions of SOS gems, and much more..... OUT Heading back to College Point. Look for more updates in the very near future. Horns SOS

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