The First SOS Report of '07
Jan, 22, 2007 Hey Everybody Happy '07! We hope that this new year has been good to you thus far. It truly has for SOS for numerous reasons, such as these: swiss replica watches We are currently in supersonic writing mode for the next SOS audio soiree. Adam and Teddy have been switching off on drums while I've been banging on the guitar. Then Travis comes in and works his Serious Business magic and VOILA! an SOS song is born. We got a lot of songs 75% done, a few 50% done, and even a select few about 96.28% done, so needless to say we still are not out of the pre-production woods yet. However, we are happy as hell with the outcomes so far, and will continue to update you on the ever-going Meat and Cheese processing. We have a new addition to the SOS family. His name is Julio and will be sitting behind the illustrious SOS drum kit during the times Travis is unable to. Julio played in the band Glasseater (go ahead and Google them) and he is an excellent musician and a very cool dude. We are thrilled to have Julio with us and cannot wait to have him play live with us swiss replica watches. Now that we have the good fortune of flexibility on our side, we've got some shows lined up for 2007. Like this one FRIDAY FEBRUARY 2ND CASTLE 83-11 DEBUT NIGHT. @ THE ACE OF CLUBS located at 9 great jones street [between broadway & lafayette] website [general info & directions] WWW.ACEOFCLUBSNYC.COM - Must be 21 and up to enter this club at All Times! [ID is a Must!] - Admission is 10 bux DOORS AT 7.15PM -- SHOW STARTS 8.15PM SHARP! and "YES" THIS SHOW WILL RUN RIGHT ON TIME! 8.15PM- BEAMING HOOVER 9.15pm- ANGELO DIABLO 10.15PM- THE MIKE PACHECO PROJECT 11.15pm-- SOS 12.15am-- SYMPTOM 7 pretty cool, eh? Check out these bands if you don't already know them, as a majority of them contain some VERY famliar faces from the Castle Heights days. Longtime musical brethren and a new venture from the good folks at Castle 83-11 together again...oh yeah, it's also the only show we're doing in February, which officially makes it ( louboutin schoenen nederland ) TEDDY AND MIKE'S JOINT BIRTHDAY BASH!!!!! So please make it a point to come on down and join the celebration! We may even be playing some of those songs that are 96.28% finished. Presents are strongly discouraged, but your presence is essential! We have some more shows in the works as well, some local, some REAL local, and some not so local, so keep your eyes peeled for future SOS updates for show announcements and stuff. And bands, managers, people that know cool bands, etc., if you'd like to drop us a line and swap shows in the Spring and beyond, get in touch! The SOS website is, like many of our songs is not running at 100% on all the features, but we're working towards dropping some freshness up in there soon. But hell, go and check it out regardless. in case by some freakish occurence you've forgotten. There are some cool features that ARE operational, like the SOS Jukebox on the bottom left of the page, where you can listen to any of our songs off of any SOS album. Neat, no? Check it out @ and raise the spirits in your cubicle today!
That's about all the bases that needed to be covered. THANK YOU for all the SUPPORT. We hope to see you on 2/2 in NYC.

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