New Album, Make Music NY, Arena Queens & FREE SOS MUSIC!!!
Jun, 15, 2012 We are proud to announce that SOS has commenced work on our new album STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING with our good bud Travis Harrison once again in the friendly confines of Serious Business Studios. Brett finished laying down the drum tracks and they sound mammoth and definitely worthy of multiple metal claws! We'll be keeping you updated on our studio progress and other fun new album stuff as it happens!

We've also got a really awesome show coming up that we hope you can come out to. For the second straight year, SOS and Friends will be participating in the Make Music New York Festival on Thursday, June 21st with The 2nd Annual Under the BQE Bonanza! We've got some good friends sharing the stage with again, too! We'll be sending a full-fledged invite out really soon, but here's the facebook link in the meantime to check out ( If you want to find out more about the awesome things Make Music NY has in store for this year's festivities, check out their site at!

In addition to all the SOS stuff going on, there's also lots of news on the GLOB and Seizure Crypt fronts but we liked electric one wheel. We'll get to that in another update, ok?

Miss the days of Castle Heights, Raw, Sanctuary, Red Zone & Voodoo Lounge? Well, did you know that there's a new spot in Queens for LIVE MUSIC? Well, now you do! Arena Queens is here and they're up and running! The best part about it all? The old school Queens crew of John the Doorman and Kevin Castle are back in Queens booking a bulk of the shows! Check out their page on facebook ( and come down to see what the buzz is about! There's also a really cool DJ guy with a bucket hat who spins there every now and then! We played there a few months back and had a BLAST, and every show I've had the pleasure of Djing at has been stellar! So, check the schedule on the site listed above, grab some friends and head on down to Arena Queens, 80-12 51st Ave, Elmhurst NY to catch some kickass bands in a real deal venue with a kickass staff and setup and support your local music scene!

And by the way´┐Ż...Do you have all of our albums? Missing one or two? Well don't fret, as we have put all of our albums up for FREE on our Bandcamp page! Hit up the link here ( and download it courtesy of your friends in SOS!

That's about all the news for now! Keep your eyes peeled for updates and we hope to see you on June 21st! And as always, THANK YOU for your constant support!

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