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Oct, 12, 2006 OK, we know it's been a while since you've heard something come down from SOS HQ, so without any further ado, here goes the latest batch of scrumptious SOS news nuggets. Right off the bat, we are proud (and relieved, but mainly proud) to announce the official RELAUNCHING of the SOS website, emblazoned with a design that takes SOS to the 21st Century and beyond! Mad thanks to Mr. Jeff Schram for going above and beyond the call of duty to get this sucker up and running! The address stays the same (WWW.SOSNYC.COM), so mosey on down and click away. Yes, we know that we're not out of the woods yet and there's a lot of content to be put on still, but hey, it sure beats the old look, right? And peep the new media player where you can access all of the SOS CDs in chronological order. Pretty nifty, eh? Check back for reminders and updates regarding our latest and greatest technological breakthrough! Now, as for shows....ah, autumn, the kind season when the air becomes crisp, the leaves turn colors, the World Series occurs. Y'know what autumn means to SOS? THE NYC MARATHON, baby! Yes, roadrunning fans and competitors, SOS once again is honored to make its infernal racket as part of the NYC Marathon...but first.... Friday October 27th The End Zone 149-44 14th Ave Whitestone NY 10pm start, FREE SHOW Ah, back in our backyard. Unfortunately, due to Travis' recurring role as The Great Pumpkin at the annual Serious Business Halloween Soiree, he won't be bashing the skins for us this particular evening. So, pinch hitting for Travis Harrison, Francis Lewis Varsity batting record holder (.522 people), current Dead By Choice and former SOS drummer extraordinaire himself, John "insert nickname here" Galligan. Yup, this and more airwheel electric self-balancing a set by Dead By Choice too, as well as a tentative surprise act to end the evening off right. It's always 5 'o clock somewhere, and there's a sneaking suspicion that, like the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, that it's gonna be happy hour for an extended period of time on Oct 27th. After we lick our wounds, cleanse our livers, and rub the perennial glitter dust, facepaint, and crust from our eyes, it'll be that time again, friends. Sunday November 5th The NYC Marathon 44th Street and Crescent Street @ The Citibank building Long Island City, NY 10am start What else can we tell you about the NYC Marathon that we haven't told ya already? Not much, but we can surely reiterate that far and away, this is the BEST DAMN GIG every year, and this year will mark SOS' eighth appearance of wreaking havoc on that little old lady in the apartment adjacent to where we unload the aural carnage. SOS is heavily training for this event folks, as we've been doing the SOS Power Hour sets as warm-ups to our ambitious and ultra-long music mix throughout the last few weeks, blowing the dust off the old stuff, relearning the middle stuff, and fine tuning the new stuff...wait, NEW STUFF?!?!? Yea, even though we haven't flooded your emails or myspace boxes with an array of updates with colorful titles, we've been diligently working on some brand new SOS songs, many of which that will have their debut in front of a live crowd on Nov. 5th. Yea, we're pretty stoked and hope that you can save the date and join us for yet another amazingly unique NYC SOS experience. Hmmm...besides the two gigs, a bunch of new tunes, and the website's launch, what else do we have to say? THANKS as always to you for sticking by us, reading through these elaborate yet informative newsflashes, and for the consistent support! We'll have a few more reminders floating around as the dates get closer, so keep your eyes on the email and the bulletins for further prognosis and notifications. 'Til Next Time Best SOS -Trained To Rock- -Wavin', Savin', Movin' And Groovin'- -The Most Meat For Your $$$- -No Costumes Needed- -A Furious Wall Of Sound- -Holding It All Down In The Underground- -A Different Kind Of Heavy- -Leaders Of The Old School- -Saving Hard Rock- -The Undisputed Kings of Tardcore- -'Cause Pimpin' Ain't Easy- -Works Hard, Plays Harder- -Waving The White Trash Flag- -Loud And Proud Since 1995- -The Underground Kings Of Queens- -White Trash With Class -Not The Same Old Sh*t- -For The Love Of Rock- -Ooh Baby, I Like It Raw!!!- -With Horns Held High- -Stylishly Substantial- -Where Doin' Ya Wrong Feel So Right- -Where The Irresistible Force Meets The Immovable Object- -NYC's Heavy Melodic Groove Machine- best panerai replica watches

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