Posted by Mike SOS on Nov, 6, 2006

it is with much sadness to inform that Korova is closed. Also known as the milk bar, or the place where you get those alcoholic milkshakes, it was one of the few places in NYC that had atmosphere, great service, and something unique to offer rolled into one. Thanks to Martin, Laurie, and the crew for making my Feenies extra thick. As a rememberance, here's the KOROVA menu....feel free to make these delectable cocktails at your next soiree...til next time HORNS Mike SOS Moloko Frozen Embryo Coffee-flavored Stoli, Butterscotch Schnapps, Cappuccino Liqueur, Ice Cream and Snickers Bar Moloko Karen Carpenter Banana Liqueur, Banana, Ice Cream and Chocolate Syrup Moloko Feenie Bailey's, White Cr�me de Menthe, Ice Cream and Oreo Cookies Moloko Vic Morrow Stoli Orange, Essence of Orange, Ice Cream -Frothy Head Optional Moloko Amy Fisher Stoli Raspberry, Amaretto, Essence of Raspberry, Ice Cream and a Cherry Moloko Jon Benet Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Strawberries and Ice Cream Moloko Anton Lavey Root Beer Schnapps, White Cream de Cocoa, Chocolate Syrup and Ice Cream Moloko Natalie Wood Barcardi, Blue Curacao, Pina Coloda Mix and Ice Cream Moloko Nanny Shaker Frangelico, Kahl�a, Dark Cream de Cocoa and Ice Cream

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